Our Team Recommends, Part 6: The Perfect Summer

June 30th, 2015

It already smells like summer! The heat has arrived and the desire to escape for a few days to disconnect, relax and explore a new place is stronger than ever. If you are one of those people who loves going on holiday to the beach in summer and relaxing in the sun, be sure to take note of Marta’s advice: she’s found a 10/10 summer holiday destination.  

Our Team Recommends Part 6: Gandia

Hey Marta! Which location would you recommend?

A summer of music with Ibiza Rocks

June 24th, 2015

Summer is the the most perfect time of year for letting your hair down at a music festival in the open air, and what if we add that the festival is in Ibiza? Now you really have no excuse not to visit this paradisiacal island. During the months between June and September you will only want to be in one place, and that place is Ibiza Rocks.

San Fermín is just around the corner…

June 17th, 2015

“1st February, 2nd February, 3rd February…” and it’s already almost July! For Pamplona the imminent arrival of July also means the arrival of its biggest and most iconic event of the year. The Festival of San Fermín attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world each year and they all have one objective in common: to enjoy a few adrenaline and fun filled days! What about you? Are you really going to miss out on one of the biggest and most famous Spanish celebrations of the year?

The Top 5 Books For Travel Addicts

June 3rd, 2015

Perhaps you are a travel addict and you are thirsty for new experiences, to meet new people, taste different and unknown delights, and to journey further and further from home… Or maybe you have not had the opportunity to discover such exotic places and are limited to dreaming of adventures from your sofa at home?

No matter which of the two categories you fit into, what is certain is that travelling the world is one of your passions and it is essential to start creating your own ‘travel library’ to inspire you and fuel your dreams.

Pushing the boat out in the Balearics: the most luxurious holiday destinations in Europe

June 1st, 2015

“too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right”

F Scott Fitzgerald.


White sand beaches and cocktails with a panoramic view across the Mediterranean, we give you the lowdown on the most exclusive holidays in Europe, so that when you do decide to splash out, it is you that reaps the benefits.

Top 10 Tips for Travel Photography

May 20th, 2015

Think of how you feel when you have just returned home from a holiday… You’re in two minds: on the one hand you are refreshed from having escaped your daily routine for a few days, but on the other hand you are finding it impossible to push out of your mind the idea of possibly never going back to those little pockets of paradise again which you had discovered during your holiday.

In fact, each one of our trips somewhere ends up being a mini fragment of our life story. Photographing our favourite spots, villages, landscapes, scenes which catch our eye or tiny details is the best way to make sure that these little memories are never ever forgotten.

Our Team Recommends, Part 5: An Oasis in the Mediterranean

May 13th, 2015

We are already so excited for it to start getting hotter! In the Muchosol offices we hear the words ‘sea’, ‘sun’ and ‘summer’ on a daily basis… so much so that it is no wonder that Mar from our marketing department couldn’t resist writing about an idyllic destination which embodies all these words in the fifth installment of ‘Our Team Recommends’.

Our Team Recommends part 5 Formentera

Hi Mar! Which destination do you recommend?

Hey! To make the most of my favourite time of the year which is approaching, I would like to share with you a mediterranean paradise which tends to be not so well known, or doesn’t receive the recognition that it deserves.

Your ultimate guide to Spanish Festivals

May 6th, 2015

To quote the Lonely Planet, “Spaniards share a zest for the fest” and we couldn’t agree more. Spain’s events calendar is overflowing to the extent that no matter what day of the year it may be you could head to the Iberian Peninsula and more than likely be able to find a fiesta to attend, whether it be a huge event which dominates the city once a year or a low key traditional festival organised amongst neighbours in a village.

spanish festivals

The Fallas, Running of the Bulls and the Tomatina Festivals in Spain


Taste authentic Valencian paella during your holiday

April 29th, 2015

During summer in Spain, as the days become longer, lighter and warmer, people begin to change their sleeping and eating habits. When the opportunity arises for a few days off, we are more likely to spend our time out and about, exploring and so consequently we eat out more in bars and restaurants rather than at home.

However, a problem arises when restaurants rip us off or try to pull the wool over our eyes which tends to happen when we order a typical and popular Spanish dish such as paella. Have you ever ordered the world famous Valencian paella in a restaurant, hungry and excited for a delicious lunch, and then been utterly disappointed when you are served what looks like some soggy rice, or to the other extreme something horribly dry and inedible?

Planning a roadtrip with children? Do not miss this checklist!

April 22nd, 2015

checklist roadtrip with children

If you have children, you will know perfectly well that there is a variety of options for making the most out of your family getaway. But to get to your holiday destination it may be that you have to spend a good stretch, if not all of the journey in the car, and usually it is not the most comfortable nor relaxing thing in the world! However, it’s nothing that cannot be solved with a little organisation and a few ideas that we are suggesting here.

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